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Welcome Land Development Civil, Survey Professionals

LandXML Workshop Presentations, Sample Files and Documents

LandXML-1.1 2006 General Workshop

LandXML.org 2006 Presentation
LandXML-1.1 Data Model Presentation
LandXML-1.1 3D Road Model

ePlan at the ICSM 2006 Conference, September 2006, Cairns, Australia

LandXML 2006 Overview Presentation
Keynote: World Trends in Spatial data Exchange

GeoWeb 2006, Vancouver, BC

LandXML.org Geoweb 2006 Presentation

Workshop Sample Files:

Workshops/Sample Files/C3D-M3D-Bridge.xml
Workshops/Sample Files/FloridaWetlands.kmz
Workshops/Sample Files/LINZ_1695s-Extract_2016277v25.kmz
Workshops/Sample Files/NAD83F - BaseMap.xml
Workshops/Sample Files/NewBoston.dem
Workshops/Sample Files/olympus.xml
Workshops/Sample Files/olympus.xml.svg
Workshops/Sample Files/simple road.kml