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November 28, 2013

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LandXML.org in a Nutshell
Launched January 2000, LandXML.org is committed to providing an non-proprietary data standard (LandXML), driven by an industry consortium of partners. There is no direct cost to join LandXML.org, nor specific level of participation required.
Once you join, stay informed and participate by using the LandXML discussion email list landxml@freelists.org.

Thanks to Ladd Nelson of Carlson Software for updating the web site UI and layout.

New web application to convert FAA NGS survey data to LandXML-1.2 on web applications.

Expanded domain/email mapping to Google Earth & Google Maps web application

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LandXML Validator & Report Generator on the Web Applications page.

LandXML to SVG Web Application (Works for LandXML-1.0, LandXML-1.1, LandXML-1.2 files)

Is your software application LandXML Registered and Certified?
LandXML 1.2 LandXML 1.1

LandXML.org XML Data Exchange Standards

LandXML-1.2 schema: Ratified/Standardized on August 15, 2008
LandXML-1.1 schema: Ratified/Standardized on July 21, 2006
LandXML-1.0 schema: Ratified/Standardized on July 17, 2002

LandGML: The collaborative experiment has concluded. Here are comments on the results.

LandXML and U.S. Federal Highway Administration IHSDM

Learn more about how the Federal Highway Administration's Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM) www.ihsdm.org can help produce safer road designs. IHSDM 2006 Public Release (Version 3.00) is now available for download and imports data from road design software supporting LandXML 1.0.